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The Process

Individual Assessment

  • Initially, the individual's special needs and circumstances are identified and clarified.

  • An in-depth interview follows which is wide-ranging and comprehensive, gathering all the evidence relevant to the career guidance process.  

  • Special attention is focused on the client's ability level, special aptitudes, interests and personality characteristics.    

  • Standardised psychometric diagnostic tests are used where appropriate to provide additional objective data to complete the picture.  

  • Interpretation and careful explanation of the collected information enables the counsellor guide the client in arriving at a clearer knowledge and understanding of self.     

  • The client develops a more assured and confident ability to make judicious career and education decisions.


The process reveals where all the elements of a client’s personal profile are pointing.

In this way, careers can be identified which are most suitable for each unique profile.

This is followed by detailed consideration of all the evidence, the arrival at conclusions and finalising decisions.

The next stage is to form a strategic plan on how best to achieved the identified outcomes taking all individual circumstances into account 

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