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Towards Career Fulfilment


  • Personal fulfillment in our work is fundamental to the quality of our lives.

  • Many people experience low levels of job satisfaction.

  • This need not be the case.


         Self-awareness is the key.


  • Everyone should be aware of and understand their personal set of behavioural characteristics in the workplace.

  • Working to your strengths is best both for you and your employer.

  • Avail of psychometric testing to identify key factors of your personal work capabilities.

  • Clarify tasks you are likely to perform well and enjoy.

  • Inform your employer of your work strengths.

  • Our individuality is our strength.

  • We don't need to imitate.

  • We don't need to be anything other than who we are.

  • We are blessed with unique gifts that can't be duplicated.

  • The more we get to know ourselves, the more we become self-aware, the more that we will find opportunities to use these gifts to make the world a better place.


       KNOW THYSELF: Find answers to the following and much more.


  • In my job, what type of person am I?

  • What is my personal work style?

  • How can I maximise my potential?

  • What duties are most appropriate to my personal set of capabilities?


  • Am I competitive, assertive, with high drive. Am I mild-mannered and non-demanding?

  • Am I verbal, influential, persuasive? Am I reserved reflective and self-conscious?

  • Am I dependable, deliberate, persistent. Am I restless and unreliable?


  • Am I careful, logical, and accurate? Am I stubborn, strong-willed and independent?

  • What combination of traits do I possess and at what levels, low medium or high?

  • How can my personal characteristics be best utilised?

  • Does my self-image alter much when at work and when under pressure?


  • What factors motivate and stimulate me? (e.g. achievement, power, recognition, security).

  • What are my fears? (e.g. failure, rejection, insecurity, conflict).

  • What are my work strengths and my work limitations?

  • How can I address limitations?


       Professional Psychometric profiling is used increasingly by large HRM departments for:


  • Recruitment

  • Job Assessment

  • Training & Development

  • Appraisal

  • Team Development

  • Aptitude & Ability


C&E Guidance uses established International Tests in the service of individual clients as well as employment organisations.

These tests are proven over twenty years with an extensive record of criterion validated studies.

Systems provide a bridge between the soft data concerning people and the hard data of the results they achieve on the job.

By comparing large samples of data we are able to predict ideal behaviours linked to actual performance in the job

Most importantly, we determine which characteristics are likely indicators of success within a group of employees doing a similar job.

C&E Guidance offers clients an opportunity to avail of a Personal Profile Analysis.

This includes a full consultation and the provision of comprehensive written reports.


Jack Griffin BA, HDE, TTG, MIGCI

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