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To assist you, we may need to undertake a full career guidance assessment which is essential for the validity and reliability of the guidance process.


Important decisions must be made which must be got right for your future.

These decisions must be based on the solid evidence derived from the assessments.

We outline here in brief the career guidance process to help you understand the service.


It is also important that you determine that the service addresses your needs.

The process has to be detailed and comprehensive to have high-level value.
The process takes 2 sessions of approx. two hours each on a one - to- one basis plus a number of hours of interpretive and research work done in between sessions.

Subsequent follow-up and ongoing advice and guidance are sometimes necessary.

In total, the comprehensive nature of the process entails an average of a 10-hour commitment of both the guidance counsellor and the client.

In this way the conclusions and decisions arrived at are likely to be as reliable as possible.


The client must also undertake some internet research work set by me.
The initial interview identifies your special situation and requirements.
We proceed in a systematic manner to determine comprehensive information about you, related to all matters which are relevant to the career guidance process.

We use psychometric tests to analyse your personal profile, to also determine your ability and the strengths of your work aptitudes. We also undertake a Careers Interest Inventory which enables you to scan the whole spectrum of careers and from this, we can identify your High, Medium and Low-interest categories.
Among the tests we use are Thomas International PPA and TSTs which are high value
instruments used in the main by HRM specialists.

It is only when all the elements of your profile are identified, clarified and understood that we can make the best career plan for you going forward.


We see where all the elements of your personal profile are pointing.

We identify careers which are most suitable for your unique profile.

This is followed by detailed consideration of the careers identified and a decision.

The next stage is to form a strategic plan on how best to get from here to there taking all circumstances into account  

Effectively we seek to identify and analyse your individual personal behavioural and operational characteristics as they relate to the workplace, also your general and academic ability level, special aptitudes, strengths and possible limitations etc.

Your likes and dislikes, fears and motivators, occupational interests etc. are all identified and of course, your personal circumstances are taken into account.


The psychometric assessment provides key information which is central to the process.

For example


Your Self Image

Work Strengths

Possible Limitations

General Personal Characteristics

Responsibilities Appropriate to your Personal Profile

Job Emphasis and Career List appropriate to the Personal Profile.


We are thus able to identify your natural behavioural style and we can also determine how you are likely to perform at career-related functions such as:


Managing and Motivating

Decision Making

Planning and Problem Solving



Developing Others

Having painted an objective picture and developed an understanding of you as an individual we then proceed to identify appropriate career options which are best suited to your overall personal profile
i.e. your set of characteristics, interests, and circumstances and exam achievements etc etc etc.


Following the making of career decisions you are comfortable with, we work on the best plan on how to get from here to there.

All are discussed, explained and the needs and benefits explained.
Full written reports are provided for clarity and future referral.

Should there be any further difficulties/ issues, please phone me in confidence to discuss.


This assessment includes

- separate professional reports on each part of the process,
- an overall report with defined options,
- information on qualifications and courses and educational opportunities,
- a career/ Job Search strategy,
- creation of a modern style CV which captures the totality of your capacities and specifically targeted to the career area identified.
continuing follow up with advice and guidance.

Subsequent follow up is included in the cost and can be conducted by
phone and email or further appointment if necessary.


Be assured of a service which is comprehensive and thorough.
Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.


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